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Pencil Portraits by Philip Davies

Pencil Portraits from Photos cost £18 on an A4 sheet of Art Quality cartridge paper.

On a slightly larger piece (14" x 11" which is better for framing) it will cost £20

(Frame not included in this price)

Multiple portraits are always on larger paper and cost:-

2 heads   £35  (14"x11"),   3 heads  £45  (16" x 12")

4 heads   £50  (16"x12") Order through my contact page

"One should have chosen a better photograph"

Pencil Portraits from Photographs make ideal original gifts or great personal keepsakes. 

Although I prefer to draw live subjects I am comfortable with drawing from photographs as long as they are of excellent quality.  For this reason I like to take the photo's myself if at all possible.  However, customers through the website are generally too far away to come to me. Others are for surprise presents so a photo session is not possible.


I need the best photo's possible, similar in quality to school photographs.

Snap shots with the subject's head smaller than my finger nail, and soft focus, don't have enough detail even when "blown up". 

The disadvantage of drawing from photographs is that "What-I-can-see" is "All-I-can-draw".  So if you don't like the photo don't send it to me, you won't like the drawing either.

Email, with a photo, or ring me to arrange a visit to the Gallery for a free photo session.

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