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(5-11 year olds enjoy them best)



You can now hire us to run parties for 10 to 15 Children on Saturday’s in the Stables Gallery at Haigh Hall.

You bring the children and we provide three crafts and all the materials for about one and a half hours of fun.

There are usually two painting crafts and one miscellaneous one.

Crafts available may be: Paint-a-Thing, Paint-a-Tile, Make a Bracelet or other crafts as available,   We will pre-plan that with you a month before.

 The cost is £100 for up to 10 Children, then £10 for each  “extra child” up to a maximum of 15 children altogether. (Max cost would be £150 for 15).

We leave time and space for you to provide your own food and birthday cake for the party.

Text or Call 07815842118 (Michelle)  to make an enquiry or booking

You do not have exclusive use of the whole room

To complete the booking a deposit of £20 will be required

Parties in the Stables Gallery can NOT be booked through the Haigh Hall switchboard – we are independent.

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